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The Westfield brand of grain handling equipment has been around for more than 70 years. Westfield’s conveyors range from 20 to 120 feet and capacities up to 450 tonne per hour. They have many value add products for all sizes of farms and producers.

AGI Westfield augers and conveyors

AGI Westfield Australia

1951 was the year that the first Westfield augers were sold. Even back then they featured the now iconic bright yellow colour, reminiscent of fields of golden wheat. Ag Growth International (AGI) acquired Westfield Industries in May 2000. AGI is a Canadian agricultural company with over 35 brands and is one of the most recognised equipment manufacturers in the global agriculture industry. The AGI Westfield factory produces over 13000 augers a year and AGI Westfield is now the leading grain auger manufacturer in the world, with a reputation for producing high quality reliable products.

About Westfield’s Grain Conveyors

Their grain conveyors can be used by farmers and grain processors for a variety of cereal, pulse and oil seed grains. A Westfield grain conveyor is especially suited to high value crops such as; chickpeas, lentils and faba beans as their “gentle on grain” technology minimises grain damage while maintaining high capacity through put.

The range of grain conveyors vary in size and capacity including:

  • lengths (up to 120ft)
  • belt widths (up to 61 cm)
  • power sources (engine-powered, electric, Power Take Off, and self-propelled)
  • capacity (up to 450 tonnes per hour).

A Westfield conveyor features:

  • narrow collapsible hoppers made from canvas to fit between the legs of an Australian silo.
  • steel trussing (rather then cables) for large conveyors of 100 feet / 30.4 meters or more. The support it provides means the sag under load is dramatically reduced.
  • premium belting to suit tough Australian conditions. Their belts are made from premium rubber with nylon backing and each roller has industrial quality bearings.
  • one seam along the top of the tube for reduced grain damage.

View the range of grain conveyors on AGI Westfield’s website

Westfield conveyors in South Australia

AG Culture is the direct supplier for Westfield conveyors and Westfield augers in South Australia. AG Culture holds a range of stock and is also able to source product to fulfil retail orders, when needed. AG Culture is from a farming background so we understand the need to be prompt and minimise delays.

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    Purchasing Westfield Conveyors

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