Varimount 350 PTO Compressor

Applied’s best-selling Varimount 350 PTO Compressor is designed to deliver unbeatable air power on the move. All tractor configurations are suitable as it can be mounted on the rear or front of your tractor. With a guaranteed output of 350 CFM, this high performance compressor boasts a range of applications.

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Applied PTO Compressors

Applied Compressors is an Irish company that begun in a modest workshop. Now with a state-of-the-art production facility, they have spent over 13 years designing and manufacturing superior quality blasting machines and PTO driven air compressors.

A tractor-driven compressor that punches above its weight

What is the Applied Varimount 350 used for?

  • Cleaning umbilical slurry lines
  • Blowing down machinery
  • Sandblasting
  • Operating power tools
  • Blowing Fibre Optic cable
  • Plus many many more

Applied MAGNUM Air End

Produces an impressive 350 CFM with its own gearbox. It only has two moving parts – the asymmetrical profile rotors. Contact only occurs on a lubricated pitch-line virtually eliminating wear.

Pneumatic Control System

Working outdoors in all weathers is no place for electronics. With pneumatic controls, the Varimount 350 can withstand even the harshest working environments.

Oil-Cooler Fan

As an essential part of the Varimount 350, the fan is designed to the highest specification. Delivering all the cooling power required to keep the oil temperature regulated, which means continuous and safe operation.

Optimum Accessibility

Downtime is minimised by the compressor’s intelligent design layout ensuring that all maintenance parts are easily accessible.

Compact Size

At only 1 m³ and an operating weight of 1190kg, the Varimount 350 can be easily mounted onto the rear or front linkage of your tractor.

Customise your compressor

Choose from a range of colour options for the powder coated finish to the main exterior frame.

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    Varimount 350 PTO Compressor enquiries

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