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Soaring Eagle drive-over transfer conveyor is going to make a huge impact on the Australian Agricultural industry. It is fast and simple to use and assists in unloading multi-trailer combinations.
There are two drive-over conveyors in the series: SA 20 and SA 30.

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Soaring Eagle Grain Equipment

Soaring Eagle Grain Equipment is a Canadian company led by Henry Elias and Tim Penner.

It all started when Henry approached Tim with his idea to simplify unloading grain. Tim then set out to make the prototype. After a lot of research and development, their drive over transfer conveyors are making a huge impact on the agricultural industry.

Soaring Eagle drive-over conveyors into Australia

In 2021 the partnership between Soaring Eagle Grain Equipment and AG Culture began.  

Fast and simple to use, we instantly saw the value of the Soaring Eagle drive-over transfer conveyors for assisting the unloading of multi-trailer combinations.

Watch the Soaring Eagle SA30 in action below:

NEW Soaring Eagle drive-over transer conveyors 

Soaring Eagle’s Ultimate Drive-Over Conveyors range includes the SA20 and SA30.



Standard Features

  • Automatic emergency safety shut off
  • 2.5” ultra low profile drive-over frame
  • Self cleaning rollers
  • Swinging drive wheel for ability to swing from hopper to hopper
  • Adjustable hatch
  • Adjustable frame
  • Adjustable belt tension
  • Oil seed friendly
  • Easy transport by vehicle or ATV

Automatic Safety Shutoff

Self Cleaning Rollers


SA20 SA30
Tonnes Wheat Per Hour* 354 544
Litres Per Minute @ 2000 PSI 76 95
Belt Width 20″ 30″
Belt Length 48′ 48′
Conveyor Length 27′ 27′
Spout Discharge Height 33″ 26″
Total Weight 662kg 1124kg
Tire Size 18.5×10″ 20.5×10″
Drive-Over Frame Height 2.5″ 2.5″
Drive-Over Frame Width in Feet 10.5′ 10.5′
Optional Frame Extension 1′ 1′
Adjustable Hopper 36″x128″ 46″x128″
Hydraulic Drive Standard Standard
Electric Drive Optional Optional
Engine Drive Optional Optional

*converted from bushels per hour.

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    Soaring Eagle enquiries

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