Protector Grain Systems

Protector design, supply and install grain storage systems. They import high quality pre-fabricated grain storage and handling equipment, tailored to meet Australian conditions.

Protector Grain Systems

Protector Grain Systems (formerly Silo Services WA & NSW) was founded in 2011 for the construction of the Newcastle Agri Terminal. Since then, Protector has continued to provide its clients with grain storage and handling solutions from concept development through to installation.

They understand that each storage and handling requirement is unique and provide a custom, one on one customer storage solution for every business. Matched by a seamless process with them handling all the setup planning and council application.

Whether you need a single silo or a complete grain storage and handling facility, Protector Grain Systems will be able to assist.

Grain Storage Solutions for South Australia

The partnership between Protector Grain Solutions and AG Culture began in 2018. At the time, there were not many large silo solution company’s for grain producers to choose from in South Australia. After consideration with AG Schilling & Co, AG Culture chose Protector; a company with depth and experience in the industry. It was a no-brainer really. Protector have quality products and service at their core, accompanied by exceptional attention to individual customer’s needs.

Protector’s grain storage and handling products include:

  • Flat bottom silos
  • Sweep unloaders
  • Portable drive over pits and conveyors
  • Transport conveyors & mobile augers
  • Bulk weighers
  • Samplers and truck probes
  • Sheds, bunkers & related handling systems
  • Spouting, valves and other accessories
  • Hopper bottom silos
  • Bucket elevators
  • Belt conveyors
  • Drag conveyors 
  • Towers and catwalks
  • Aeration equipment
  • Grain loops & cannons
  • Grain driers

View the range of products available on Protector Grain System’s website

Protector is the authorised Australian distributor for:

Protector Grain Systems is the authorised Australian distributor for Brock, Riley Equipment, Lemar Industries and Lambton. Through Protector, AG Culture is able to provide their products within South Australia.

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