OzValue AG

OzValue AG source farm machinery from all over the world for Australian farmers. Their farm machinery range includes: spreaders, disc tillers, offset discs, land rollers and chaser bins. 

AG Culture is the South Australian representative for OzValue AG and their products.

OzValue AG Machinery

OzValue AG was founded in Ballarat back in 2010 by Chris Findlay of Findlay Engineering, and Noel Blackmore, a farmer from Mannibadar. They set out to provide a more value driven way of importing and buying farm machinery. Selecting products that met their value / quality criteria, they grew to the farm machinery range that is available today. Oz Value AG is exclusively the Australian dealer for iLGi tillage machines and Donder spreaders.

OzValue AG farm machinery range includes

Disc Tillers

  • iLGi Linkage Disc Tillers
  • iLGi Trailing Disc Tillers
  • Rolmako Disc Tillers

Offset Disc Harrows

  • OzValue AG Offset Discs
  • iLGi Megastar

Spreaders and Accessories

  • Donder Spreaders

Deep Ripper

  • Rolmako Deep Ripper

Feed Mixers

  • Begin Feed Mixer

Chaser Bins

  • Grainchaser CC2317
  • Grainchaser CC42

Land Rollers

  • Flatout Fixed Rollers
  • Flatout Twist Rollers
  • Flatout Tri-Plex Rollers
  • Cambridge Rollers

Land Levellers

  • iLGi Omega Land Levellers
  • HTSV Land Levellers

South Australian partner for OzValue AG

OzValue AG appointed AG Culture their South Australian partner in 2019. The association was driven from the trust built between Gavin Wilson (AG Culture) and Mitch Blackmore’s (OzValue AG) long relationship within the industry. However, both companies are very similar too which makes them a good match.

Both AG Culture and OzValue AG import farm machinery direct to the customer. Leveraging bulk import orders, it saves the farmer by cutting out the middle man. And both companies were founded by farmers whose hands-on knowledge and experience still shapes the business. AG Schilling & Co continue to test and utilise AG Culture‘s product range within their farming operation.

As the South Australian partner, when ordering through AG Culture you have the ability to call direct to us or OzValue for direct decisions.

OzValue AG farm machinery brands

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    Ordering OzValue Ag

    Please enquire directly to Gav Wilson, Matt Webb, or fill in the enquiry form, to discuss the OzValue Ag products you are interested in.

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