Disc Seeder parts

AG Culture stocks and distributes the following Needham Ag Technologies products for Australia:

  • Drill and Air-seeder modifications
  • Stream bars for uniform liquid fertiliser application.

Aust Disc Seeder Owners Group

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Maximising the potential of Disc Seeders

The desire to retain greater amounts of stubble in field and improve the accuracy of seed placement has seen the increase in popularity of disc seeding units throughout the Australian grain belt. However as the farming system becomes more complex and machinery manufacturers reduce flexibility in designs for the global market, the opportunity to customise your machinery to maximise its effectiveness on farm has needed to come in the form of aftermarket modification components. In the area of disc seeders and in particular John Deere disc seeders, Needham Ag Technologies based out of Kentucky have proven to be the market leaders in aftermarket replacement and modification parts.

Common problems associated with disc seeders in Australia:

  • High maintenance and poor wear from greased bushed due to dry and dusty seeding conditions.
  • Hair pinning and poor seed placement resulting poor crop establishment.
  • Machines not designed for sowing into high stubble loads
  • High wear components result in high maintenance cost.

Drill and Air-seeder modifications

Streaming Bars 

Drill and Air-seeder modifications

Due to machine popularity, Needham Ag Technologies offer an extensive range of replacement and modification components for John Deere, Case IH disc seeders and Martin Planters. These components may also fit other machinery brands depending on the componentry.

  • John Deere models supported include: JD1850, JD1860 and JD1890
  • Case IH models supported include: 500 and 500T

Componentry which is offered but not limited to by Needham Ag Technologies include:

  • Extended life disc and seeding boots
    > Increase maintenance intervals while providing better seed placement
  • Narrow and spoked gage wheels
    > Leave more stubble standing and prevent blockages from mud
  • Greaseless bushing kits
    > Reduced wear and regular maintenance required
  • Seed tabs, firming wheels and closer wheels
    > Better seed placement and seed soil contact
  • Air diffusers
    > Better seed placement and reduce seed damage



View the range of Drill and Air-seeder modifications on Needham Ag Technologies’ website

Streaming bars for uniform liquid fertilizer application

Advantages of Streaming bars for Nitrogen application:

  • Application via a sprayers boom is more uniform across the swath width than traditional spreaders
  • Streams of liquids reduce the leaf area exposed to the fertiliser compared to fanned nozzles therefore reducing crop burn.
  • Stream bars drop product directly down and therefore correct “boom to target” height is not as important as nozzle overlap does not occur as it would with standard streaming nozzles

View stream bars used for uniform liquid fertiliser application on Needham Ag’s website

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    Ordering Needham components

    Aust Disc Seeder Owners Group

    AG Culture offers our Aust Disc Seeder Owners Group access to discounted freight once a year. We are able to do this because we take advantage of cheaper sea freight rates and currency exchange by importing Needham orders in bulk near the end of the season.

    The Needham components arrive onsite for farmers prior to next seeding. Orders can be collected from our facilities at Kadina, South Australia, or we can arrange freight to you via your preferred freight provider.

    Becoming a member of our Aust Disc Seeder Owners Group doesn't cost anything and it is as simple as contacting us and requesting to be added to the group. Order forms are sent out annually to members with notice of the next order deadline.

    Orders throughout the year

    We also stock an extensive range of commonly ordered products. So please contact us, or complete an order form, at any time and we’ll endeavour to source your components.

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