A harvest-loss monitor system that takes photos every 3-5 seconds and uses artificial intelligence software to count grain being left behind. Loss quantities and locations are continuously reported to the user in the cab so changes can be made on the fly to mitigate losses.

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Farmwave was founded in 2014 with a focus to put their advanced AI technology to practical use in agriculture. “Our AI-powered agtech solutions bring us closer to the future of farming.”

Farmwave into Australia

After reviewing results overseas, AG Culture have brought the technology into Australia in 2023.

About Farmwave Harvest Vision 

Their proprietary artificial intelligence software is paired with cameras that are mounted at pivotal points on a harvester. These cameras take photos every 3-5 seconds that are immediately analyzed by our software which reports real-time loss counts in the cab. The users knows nearly instantaneously the location of the losses and can make adjustments to mitigate loss.

Full Harvester Kit 

  • The full harvester kit monitors loss with one camera on either side of the header and one at the rear of the harvester.
  • Using data to change the way we farm and reduce crop waste, Farmwave can work while offline and auto-uploads data once connected.
  • Farmwave will work with any make and model harvester.
  • Data can be exported into JSON format to use almost anywhere.


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    Farmwave enquiries

    Please enquire directly to Matt 0474 000 699 or Gav 0447 253 264, or fill in the enquiry form, to discuss your requirements.

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