Excel Disc Drill

Excel Agriculture design and manufacture agricultural machinery for row crops and broadacre farming. There range of no-till and zero till planters and seeders are made to suit diverse soil conditions.

AG Culture is the Victoria and South Australian representative for Excel Agriculture.

Excel Agriculture

Excel Agriculture is Australian owned and operated by the family business, Great Western Corporation. For over 80 years, they have been developing their machinery product range to suit the Australian farmer.

Southern Australia representative for Excel Agriculture

The partnership between Excel Agriculture and AG Culture started in 2018 with AG Culture becoming the Victoria and South Australian representative. AG Culture‘s approach has always been to continuously improve by listening to feedback and all the different agricultural points of view. And now with the addition of Excel Agriculture to our product range, we believe we now have the custom build just right.

Paired with Needham Ag componetry, we are able to custom build for Australian farmers. Our point of difference is our spacings, frame build and serviceability.

Excel Agriculture’s Single Disc Opener

While AG Culture can assist you with other Excel Agriculture products, their single disc opener and frames have been our most popular for custom builds.

Single Disc Opener features and benefits include:

Excel’s EI853 single disc opener is suited to seeding and fertilising into heavy trash cover and clayish/sticky soils.

  • Robust 18″ single bevelled provides reduced tillage with minimal ground disturbance to disc opener. Also assists in maintaining moisture and minimising weed germination.
  • Heavy duty 41/2″ x 15″ gauge wheel which allows precise control of seed placement.
  • Reduced draft
  • Hard faced planting shoe for longer life in a wide variety of soil types.
  • Seed firming wheel for improved seed to soil contact.
  • Suit 4″x 4″ toolbar. Can also be adapted to suit 6″,7″ or 8″ bars.
  • Heavy duty down force spring for improved placement accuracy at higher speeds.
  • Fully and easily adjustable unit to cater for different soil types.
  • Adaptive to suit most bars.

For detailed specifications on EI 853 Single Disc Opener, visit their website or download their brochure below:

Frame Types Include

Fully-mounted 3PT linkage

  • Economical
  • Options e.g. Gauge Wheels and folding toolbar
  • Single bar or dual
  • Widths 8m – 12m (26ft – 40ft)

Drawbar or linkage mounted with fixed rear carrier wheels

  • Less weight on linkage
  • Can mount airseeder on rear frame
  • Heavy duty tyres
  • Compact and maneuverable
  • Rotating bars
  • Width 4.5m – 12m (15.5ft – 40ft)
  • Narrow transport widths available
    3m – 3.5m (10ft – 11.5ft)

Trailing Frame

  • Excellent ground-following
  • Fixed and/or Rotating bars
  • Widths 8m – 24m (26ft – 79ft)
  • Narrow transport widths available
  • 2, 3 or 4 bar frames
  • High lift for ease of maintenance
  • High lift or fixed wheel option

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    Purchasing Excel Disc Drills

    Please enquire directly to Gav Wilson, Matt Webb, or fill in the enquiry form, to discuss your Excel Disc Drill requirements.

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