AWS Airbar

Founded in 1998, TEMP Farm Equipment Ltd is an independently owned company that grew from its roots in a John Deere Dealership in Southern Ontario, Canada. Inspired by customer feedback, we developed a prototype belt drive fan which could be fitted to commercially available harvester to assist with the harvestability of a range of crops. For over 20 years, this original protype has been continually developed into the AWS Air Bars we offer our clients today. We listen to our dealers and customers and use their feedback to ensure our AWS Airbar continues to be the only solution they will ever need.

AWS Airbar

Air freight orders for 2022 season available now. Contact AG Culture for the good air on your harvester.

The AWS Air Bar Concept

The AWS Air Bar concept is to deliver a constant flow of air to the crop as it is cut off by the knife. The constant air flow ensures the crop is pushed into the harvester fronts reducing grain and seed loss at the point of the cutter bar. The constant air flow also reduces the reliance on the reel to actively feed crop material into the harvester, meaning the reel can be run at lower reducing mechanical fatigue.

Features of AWS Air Bars

  • The Air Manifold mounts directly in front of the original reel. This means the crop is now being fed by both the reel and air giving superior harvestability of a range of crops
  • The front mounted air manifold does not impede the operator’s visibility of the cutter bar
  • Direction of the air flow is controlled by an electric actuator, meaning the air can be directed at the cutter bar no mater the position of the reel.
  • The belt drive fan in an effective, reliable and serviceable means of converting power into air pressure
  • The fan unit is fitted with an electric actuator which controls the amount of air flowing to the manifold.
  • Apart from the control switch mounted in the cab of the harvester, all other componentry is mounted directly to the front.

AWS Air Bar Compatibility

AWS Air Bars can be mounted to the following makes of harvester fronts:

Find the part book for your harvester front on the AWS website

TEMP Farm Equipment partnership with AG Schilling & Co

TEMP Farm Equipment first sold an AWS Air Bar to AG Schilling & Co in 2008 as Mark was seeking a solution to excessive seed loss while harvesting sparse lentil crops in marginal seasons. With yield improves noted in the range of 10-20% for previously poor harvestable crops, AG Schilling & Co soon fitted their entire harvest fleet with AWS Air Bars and took on the Sales and Service role for TEMP Farm Equipment cross the entire Australian grain growing belt.

In 2018, AG Schilling & Co expanded with a new company, AG Culture, to pursue and prosper by exclusively dealing with AWS Air Bars in Australia.

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    Ordering AWS Airbar

    Please enquire directly to Gav Wilson, Phil Harris or Kris McCracken, or fill in the enquiry form, to discuss AWS AirBar.

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