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While AG Culture is able to supply all Atom-Jet Agriculture products to the Australian market, there is little doubt that their range of rugged and durable seeding openers are our most popular Atom-Jet product sold.

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Atom-Jet into Australia

The Atom-Jet and AG Schilling & Co relationship started over fifteen years ago, with Mark looking to shift away from conventional seeding systems and deep ripping knife points predominant throughout the southern Australian grain belt. Conventional sowing systems were resulting in excessive moisture lost post seeding and the narrow deep ripping knife points which were showing positive yield responses in other areas were not practical in the limestone filled Yorke Peninsula soils A.G. Schilling & Co farmed. Mark’s desire was to find a seeding point which would conserve soil moisture while withstanding the constant hammer of rocky soils. After researching his options A.G. Schilling & Co ordered their first set of Atom-Jet openers for the farm in 2003. What he found was that not only did the openers give him the No-Till practices he wanted, they also were very accurate at placing seed and the durability was second to none. This was reinforced by the Atom-Jet Guarantee proving the confidence in the product.

2018 AG Schilling & Co has expanded with a new company, AG Culture, to pursue and prosper with exclusively dealing with Atom-Jet in Australia.

Benefits of Atom-Jet openers

  • Improved “seed soil” contact as seed is placed on a firm seedbed.
  • A range of seed and fertiliser configurations available
  • The vertical design reduces soil blockages and soil throw
  • Enhanced trash flow and improved soil penetration are achieved by the vertical design
  • Reduced draft
  • Re-buildable design allows extended life to be achieved from a set.
  • All wear points are Carbide protected to extend their life
  • Compatible with most air seeders

David Cawrse

“Good seed placement at the bottom of the farrow with next to no seed bounce, excellent durability. Very happy with Atom-Jet.”

Location: Wasleys, Adelaide Plains

Hectares: 1500 Ha Per Year

Atom-Jet Openers: C Shank, 3/4” Single Shoot

Seeding Bar: Ezee-on spring tyne, 10″ spacings

Years of use: 8 years

Andrew Watson

“Very happy! Accurate seed & liquid placement, they keep clean in the trash, and good on mixed country. It has taken 15 years to get to this point.”

Location: Wirrulla, SA

Hectares: 6060 Ha Per Year

Atom-Jet Openers: C-Shank, 1” Single Shoot, Front Liquid Tube (for below the seed)

Seeding Bar: Bourgault, 8910, Cultivator & Press Wheels, 300lbs Spring Tyne, 10” Spacing, 74’ Wide

Years of use: First Year

Brad Lynch

They’re excellent, they rarely block up with mud. Very happy with the germination from the seed placement and very good all-round in different soil conditions.

Location: Streaky Bay, SA

Hectares: 1500 Ha Per Year

Atom-Jet Openers: C-Shank, ¾” Single Shoot

Seeding Bar: Horwood Bagshaw Scaribar & Press wheels, 165 lbs single springs, 8 ¾” spacing, 50’ wide

Years of use: 2 Years

Simon Cook

“Very happy with the vertical profile of the opener to minimise soil throw. Excellent seed & fertiliser placement in the variation of soil types. It’s durable and a robust design for the required job.”

Location: Langhorne Creek, SA

Hectares: 1200 Ha Per Year

Atom-Jet Openers: C-Shank, 3/4” Single Shoot, Front Liquid Tube (for below the seed)

Seeding Bar: Bourgault, 8800, Cultivator & Press Wheels, 300lbs Spring Tyne, 10” Spacing, 30’ Wide

Years of use: First Year

AG Culture‘s range of Atom-Jet product

Seed and fertiliser placement options include:

  • Single shoot: single row, paired row and spread row options
  • Double shoot: side band and mid banded fertiliser
  • Granular and liquid fertiliser configurations

Atom-Jet can be fitted to the following tine configurations:

  • Stand C Shank tines (Flexicoil, Morris, Bourgault, John Deere etc)
  • Morris Contour
  • Bourgault Paralink
  • CNH Concord
  • John Deere Conserva Pak Fert knife.

AG Culture leading Atom-Jet R&D in Australia

Grain farming production systems continue to evolve within Australia and with this our machinery must evolve to support this. Started by AG Schilling & Co and now continued by AG Culture is a commitment to assisting Atom-Jet with focus areas of R & D to provide our Australian clients with the best possible equipment solutions. Atom-Jet in partnership with AG Culture and supported by independent farming businesses across the Australian grain belt will continue to develop products for Australian conditions.

Current products under R & D testing within Australia

  • Extended Life Knife Blade for DBS Ausplows

AG Culture and Atom-Jet remain committed to providing quality product to Australian farmers backed by a strong guarantee and look forward to developing product to meet the ever changing seeding needs of farmers across the globe.

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    Purchasing Atom-Jet Agricultural products

    Atom-Jet products can be purchased directly through AG Culture or contact your local dealer within Australia.

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