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Located in Brandon Manitoba, Atom-Jet Agriculture has been working in cooperation with farmers for over 35 years providing a comprehensive line up of seeding openers, fertilizer knives and power hiller tines. We have also developed hydraulic kits to improve the performance of older tractors. Our agriculture department currently serves customers in throughout Canada, United States, Australia, Russia and Eastern Europe.

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Atom-Jet is shaped by a history of R&D

The history of the company has been in the design of a vertical opener providing farmers better seed placement, moisture conservation, trash clearance and a product line up that virtually eliminated plugging. Pioneering carbide tips on openers was one innovation designed by Atom-Jet to allow farmers to gain more hectares on their product. Atom-Jet’s Research & Development is still driven by feedback from progressive farmer’s enabling us to provide innovations for their seeding needs.

Top 10 reasons why Atom-Jet openers will outperform the competition

1. Great seed soil contact as seed is placed on a firm seedbed immediately after opening the soil.

2. Seed/fertilizer separation can be achieved without fracturing the seed bed which results in rapid soil drying.

3. Through the vertical design, soil blockages have virtually been eliminated.

4. Reduced soil throw as the vertical design splits the soil rather than lift it like most horizontal designs.

5. Enhanced trash flow as the vertical design flows trash around the opened rather than travel up the tines shank.

6. Improved soil penetration by minimising the amount of opener entering the soil.

7. Reduced draft by only cultivating the soil to the depth of the seed bed.

8. Less rocks pulled up as the flat design allows the opener to float over the top of a rock rather than hooking under it.

9. Re-buildable design allows tips to be replaced and hard surfacing renewed extending the life achieved from a set.

10. Atom-Jet have pioneer Carbide technology in seeding points for extended life.

Atom-Jet into Australia

The Atom-Jet and AG Schilling & Co relationship started over fifteen years ago, with Mark Schilling a third-generation farmer in Yorke Peninsula’s northern region looking for a change from conventional seeding. Mark was searching for a No-Till option to conserve moisture that was being lost with conventional methods. After researching his options and being the innovator that he is, Mark ordered a set of Atom-Jet openers for his own farm. What he found was that not only did the openers give him the No-Till practices he wanted, they also were very accurate at placing seed and the durability was second to none. This was reinforced by the Atom-Jet Guarantee proving the confidence in the product.

In 2018, AG Schilling & Co expanded with a new company, AG Culture, to pursue and prosper by exclusively dealing with Atom-Jet in Australia.

Atom-Jet R&D in Australia

Research & Development continues to be ongoing for Atom-Jet with there four person team dedicated to the research of openers in Australia and Canada in the placement of seed for growing crops which AG Culture supports.

AG Culture and Atom-Jet remain committed to providing quality product to Australian farmers backed by a strong guarantee and look forward to developing product to meet the everchanging seeding needs of farmers across the globe.

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    Purchasing Atom-Jet Agricultural products

    Atom-Jet products can be purchased directly through AG Culture or contact your local dealer within Australia.

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