Protect your broad acre nitrogen with Active STABILIZER™ PLUS. This new product is going to have a significant impact on Australian nitrogen application usage and practices.
It uses dual-action nitrogen saving technology that inhibits both ammonia volatilization and nitrification / denitrification.

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Active AgriScience Inc was founded in 2013 and is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced seed treatments, foliar plant nutrition and nitrogen management products. The patented protected technology behind their products helps improve yield potential and decrease environmental impact. Their nitrogen stabilisers protect your fertiliser investment by significantly reducing all forms of nitrogen loss from applied urea and UAN fertiliser.

Active STABILIZER™ PLUS into Australia

Nixon Consulting is Active AgriScience’s representative in Australia. After witnessing the impressive yielding results in their Western Australian trials in recent years, AG Culture started trials in South Australia in 2023. Initial results are proving very promising.

Watch Mark’s simple system for coating urea below:

Benefits of Active STABILIZER™ PLUS 

Active STABILIZER™ PLUS is a liquid fertilizer additive that uses dual-action nitrogen saving technology to inhibit both causes of nitrogen loss through ammonia volatilization and nitrification.

Not only does Active STABILIZER™ PLUS inhibit nitrogen fertilizer loss and pollution, but it is also an economical choice for farmers. Application rate is 2L per tonne and it coats every fertiliser granule! “With as little as a 1% yield advantage it now makes more financial sense to treat urea or UAN fertilizer than not.” source:

Compatibility of Active STABILIZER™ PLUS

Compatible with urea, urea ammonium nitrate and other urea based fertilizers.

View product details including Safety Data Sheet:

Nitrogen Stabilizer Research

Third party scientific research from the University of Manitoba showed “an average of 84.4% nitrogen was saved over a 14 day period compared to untreated urea.”

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    Active STABILIZER™ PLUS enquiries

    Your nutrient management strategy needs to include protecting your nitrogen and improving efficiency. Ask your local Australian fertiliser supplier about Active STABILIZER™ PLUS today!

    Please enquire directly to Gav Wilson, or fill in the enquiry form, to discuss your requirements.

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