About Agculture

agculture is a South Australian agricultural technologies and equipment business. agculture‘s objective is to provide Australian farmers with intelligent farm solutions.

It all began with AG Schilling & Co imports

Although the AG Schilling & Co family farming partnership was established back in 1964, the import-side didn’t begin until 2007. It all started with an online search by Mark Schilling for a No-Till seeding point solution to suit their soil conditions; Mark and Merridee Schilling’s broad acre farming operation is on Yorke Peninsula, known for limestone filled soils. The search lead Mark to Atom Jet Industries, which were not available in Australia at the time.  After quick negotiations, AG Schilling & Co imported their first product from Canada to test on their farm in 2006. Seeing the benefits and opportunity, AG Schilling & Co became Australia’s sole importer of Atom Jet openers the following year. 

Since the initial on farm success of Atom Jet in 2006, the import-side of their business continued to grow.  Several other products have since been trialed and tested to improve productivity for AG Schilling & Co’s farming business. Only the products that passed the AG Schilling & Co test, to meet the needs of Australian farming businesses, were included in their product range.

The AG Schilling & Co import business grew to exclusively importing products from Atom Jet Industries, AWS Airbar and Needham Ag Technologies into Australia. By 2018, it had grown to a point where it was ready to be a business of its own and agculture was born. 

Continuing as agculture

In 2018, when agculture began, Gavin Wilson was appointed as the General Manager. Gavin brought with him extensive experience in agricultural sales and a vibrant personality. He is from a family farm at Balaklava and also worked for companies including John Deere and Bourgault Australia. His passion for the agriculture industry has always been because of the people and the culture. This is evident in the name, agculture. The name is the combination of the “AG” from AG Schilling & Co and Gavin’s belief in promoting a fantastic culture in the workplace and with clients.

Continuing as agculture, the focus of the business is still about providing products that can assist Australian farmers.  Agculture’s objective is simple; provide Australian farmers with intelligent farm solutions.

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